Bus & roof terrace


Klang·Netz - audiovisual installation
Re·flex - audiovisual mirror installation
interspace - light sculpture
la bodega - perfomativ installation
VoyageVoyeur - theatre expedition
Wasserkraft - audiovisual parkour
Squareland - augmented dance theatre
Freiraum - interview collage


audiovisual installation

KlangNetz - audiovisuelle installation

KlangNetz - Kreuzungspunkt

KlangNetz - Kreuzungspunkt

The audiovisual installation consists of a hanging, tunnel like, net of led-stripes. Visitors can enter the installation. Every intersection of the LED stripes is linked to a sound. When a light impulse reaches an intersection, it triggers the sound and the pulse is split. A chain reaction of light and sound spreads into the room.
The room installation itself becomes an instrument, which sounds different at each location depending on the hanging - the crossing points are never identical. Light and sound interact, in that no medium dominates the other, but both react to each other.


audiovisual mirror installation

ReFlex - mirror installation

ReFlex - mirror installation

Re·flex is a walk-in room installation in the bus - our mobile exhibition space. Because of the endless reflection of the opposed mirrors, the small interior of the bus expands towards infinity.
A light grid of led-stripes on the ceiling reacts to the sound collage and continues in reflex.
The installation invites the visitor to play with his mirror image and the reflex of other visitors.



InterSpace - led light installation

The light object consists of a seemingly chaotic cluster in which legible pictures and patterns materialise.
300m pixel LED strips are arranged organically to form a spherical object which is spaced wide enough to allow you to see through so that every dimension of the sphere stays visible from all angles. Twiststicks serve as the foundation of the sphere, wooden sticks with springs attached to both ends which interlock at any angle in order to form a stabile structure.
The installation has 18.000 randomly assembled pixels that are mapped in the three-dimensional space which allows them to be controlled individually. Because of the spatial layout of the pixels in the virtual space, it is possible to form three-dimensional shapes, patterns and structures out of the chaotic cluster: an apparent intelligence that reveals itself within the seemingly random formation.

With its many points of intersection, the pixel net is similar to a neural network. A generated visualisation of impulse and reaction between the individual neurons creates a spectacle which repeats itself but is unpredictable: Each intersection flashes continuously in one colour, e.g. red. From one of the variable intersections a pulse is fired from one neuron to the next which thereupon changes its colour and then randomly sends a pulse to one or more other neurons: the spirit of the mind reveals itself.


performative installation

LaBodega Front View

LaBodega Mirror

LaBodega Roling on the Floor

LaBodega Dance

Welcome, dear passenger, on a voyage through a surreal landscape. Meet us, let us touch you, let yourself fall. Let us guide you to a reality concealed behind the obvious. Allow yourself a moment of repose, a moment of presence with your self, a moment free from the constant demand to think.

LaBodega is a 10 minute introverted and exclusive performative installation designed for a single audience member. LaBodega invites each guest into the interior of a modified 12-meter antique bus, a hidden world. In order to be shielded from the outside world, our guest receives headphones, through which the live soundscape is heard.
With each step the interior expands and contracts as new spaces and characters are revealed to the traveller.
LaBodega is a total sensory experience in which the guest forms a symbiosis with the actors and is invited to form a new awareness of the self in relation to space, time, movement and human encounter.

LaBodega is the cargo hold of our imagination, a bag of tricks constantly surprising us without ever revealing its depths.


theatre expedition into the east-block art scene

Chapter 1 "About observation and beeing observed by someone"
Premier 18.09.2015 in Leipzig

Chapter 2 "About seeing and beeing seen by someone"
Premier 17.06.2016 in Leipzig

Chapter 3 "To strive and beeing watched"
Premier 17.09.2016 in Leipzig

VoyageVoyeur fits no box: It is a fusion of music, visual art, new media, cabaret and dance with the theatrical play. The “scenes” are tailored to the premises of seven neighboring apartment buildings, transforming them into animate venues.
The audience is divided into small groups. Each group is led on a specific itinerary with a unique musical accompaniment. The groups are in motion between the venues, walking from house to house, running up and down the stairs, and passing through the many corridors which serve as exhibition rooms. On the one hand, the audience gradually discovers each of these venues and is pulled completely under the spell of the unfolding journey, and on the other hand is permitted an intimate view into the private lives of the tenants.


audiovisual parkour

Wasserkraft Gedlstrom

Wasserkraft Fabrik

This site-specific installation is located in the semi-public space of the glass box foyer of the Commerzbank - University of Leipzig on Pleißemühlgraben.
The adjacent river was formative in the historical development of the region. In its juxtaposition to the site, which is characterized by constant change through economic competition and the quest for greater efficiency, the installation represents history in an abstract mode and opens a window into the future. Traditional techniques of shadow play and sound material from the audio archives are combined with digital mapping projections and field recordings to create an audiovisual collage in a multi-channel format.


augmented dance theatre

SquareLand Sprung

SquareLand Kisten Schneiden

SquareLand Spielewelt

SquareLand Inseltraum

square land is a parody of our profitable society. What matters is functionality in the system of mass production. Are we still human, or just operationally living?

Six characters act in two hierarchical, seemingly isolated worlds, but one could not exist without the other. Set in contrast to one another are the dazzling show world of a television game of chance and the monotony of the assembly line.
Space for feelings and humanity exists only in the dream world, to which the characters flee.
The scenery of the assembly line resembles a video game. There are different levels of difficulty, which must be completed, but nothing reduces the monotony of the job.
Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold. Go to start...……

The game show contestants enjoy being a star for a night, standing in the limelight and giving everything just to be the best.
They direct the laborers - their avatars - without becoming aware of their humanity. The link is hidden in the system, and never revealed in the social sphere.

augmented dance theatre
computer-based extension of the stage set - real props replaced by projected objects - the scenery is engineered by animation - interactive lighting creates its own aesthetics - synchronization through repetitive beats

FreiRaum (open space)

What does open space mean to you? (Was ist Freiraum für dich?)
Audio collage by Nina Maria Stemberger

Nina Maria Stemberger of KollektivArtesMobiles posed this question to herself and to people aged 7-82, living in the East of Leipzig, and collected their responses.

The audio collage was exhibited at the FREIRAUM Festival in Leipzig on the 13th of September 2014, and audible in twelve public toilets of kebab houses, galleries, cafes and open spaces long the Eisenbahnstrasse in Leipzig.

My open space is my favorite spot in the park under the trees. To decide about my life is my open space.

Abandoned factories, overgrown lots and vacant houses.

In my open space, I am as I am.

Ten years ago, there were open spaces throughout the city, today there are hardly any present.

Space? Open? A long sandy beach, the sun is shining, and I play with the waves.

My open space is in my own room, ‘acuse I don’t have to clean up. Don't know. I have no open space.