Bus & roof terrace


The 12m-long Kässbohrer SETRA 120 Oldtimerbus is optionally our mobile art space, performance stage or production base. "Käsimir" is now 48 years old and has been in our possession for 7 years. The first 30 years after his production he served as library bus of the city Castrop-Rauxel. After a failed attempt as a mobile Chai booth, he spent the next 10 years in various warehouses. After 3 years of restoration he has received a new registration and was since then at various festivals our faithful base.

KollektivArtesMobiles Space

Bus mit Aufbau Vorderseite

As an add on on-site, "Käsimir" gets a chairlift over which the roof terrace can be reached.

Bus mit Aufbau Rückseite

With the construction the bus is a total of 6m high. On the roof terrace is a new room with about 23sqm at 3m height.

Bus Innenraum Lichtinstallation

Inside, a modular, changeable space opens. Possible setups are the black box for performances, the white cube for exhibitions, as well as the lounge with tables, seating and mini-stage or the production room with workplaces, sleeping areas and kitchen.


Dachterasse Sitzgelegenheiten

On the roof terrace, a quiet atmosphere is created by the distance to the action on the floor. It opens a protected, seemingly private room that can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Absynth Tresen

At the small bar there are liqueurs, absynth and fine lemonades.

Dachterasse mit Bar